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Art exhibition

Mixing art and technology on Video art, projection mapping, 360º

Dimensões Galácticas

Exposition of 360º videos and graffiti art

Ra'u - video installation

Video mapping installation at the first video mapping festival "Reconvexo"

Homo Civitas Lumen

Light video art projected on street artists body

Making of art installation

Making of as video art installation from the Thalitha Hamaoui exposition "O Mar" at Tag Gallery

Ra'u Vortex

Video mapping and low frequency sound intallation inside the 30m chimney at "Cada das Caldeiras"


projection lines


Art Installation using video mapping at L.U.P.A.

Paperboard robots

Exposition at Escola São Paulo, showing paperboard robots as humans

City Rage Toys

Toy Art Collection showing the ways of the city influences. at Escola São Paulo 2011

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