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Birdhouse 360º

360º animation using image collage of old botanical pictures


Motion of 3D scanned body

City Live Visuals

Video projection mapping at night gigs of São Paulo - Brazil

Personal body Scan

3D Body Scan for company "GOS Filmes"

Dimensões Galácticas

Exposition of 360º videos and graffiti art

Ra'u Vortex

Video mapping and low frequency sound intallation inside the 30m chimney at "Cada das Caldeiras"

Ra'u - video installation

Video mapping installation at the first video mapping festival "Reconvexo" -Lucca Del Carlo + Bianca Sardinha


Art Installation using video mapping at LU.P.A.


Imerssive video art installation using tape lines and video mapping

Jumbo Elektro set design

Paper board dynamites and TNT lamps for the music show

The big Tangobô

Consept & Design of the world biggest recyclable sculpture in the form of Robot 2011

Tigre Dente de Sabre

Visual content for space music show

Holobox - hologram VRD stand

Video content Hologram for VRD Research "Holobox" stand at Design Week Brazil 2010

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Music video directed by ELXVA + DELCA


3D body scan


Projection Mapping + interactive systen for Advertising Avon Femme

Selvagem party at Funilaria

Visual immersion using video mapping as light during "Selvagem na Funilaria" party

Homo Civitas Lumen

Light video art projected on street artists body

ELXVA + DELCA Structured light on photo

3D structured Light with photography

Prêmio destaque - companhia de viagens

Video content for ARES and Live projection performance during the best touristic company awards, 2014 Brazil

Ilusões o amor na mesa vertical do tarô

Vdeo mapping content for vertical dance apresentation

Cérebro Eletrônico - music show set design

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Leo Cavalcanti Cd art cover

Logo and CD art cover using body projection for Leo Cavalcanti "Despertador"

Illustrations & stickers

Illustrations for Papaiz WhiteBoard

Making of art installation

Making of as video art installation from the Thalitha Hamaoui exposition "O Mar" at Tag Gallery

8# Contato Festival

LED display content during music festival

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